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Sustainable Design Academy

Holistic Approach to Circular Design & Sustainable Materials

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Explore the transformative power of circular economy in design and the built environment, emphasising regeneration and sustainability. Learn practical tools to shift design thinking towards circularity and examine its impact on healthy materials. Discover the Cradle-to-Cradle certification's holistic approach, ensuring products meet rigorous environmental and social standards while contributing to a circular economy.

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Roxane Spears

Vice President Sustainability, Tarkett

Roxane is the Vice President of Sustainability for Tarkett North America. She leads change for healthy materials, low carbon footprint and equity in sustainability. Roxane joined Tarkett 17 years ago to be part of an organization that was focused on environmental issues. In her current role, Roxane sets sustainability strategy and policies to move Tarkett to a more circular economy focus and reduction of carbon emissions for Scope 1,2, &3. She sets guidelines for products and facilities that make positive impacts on the health of people and planet. She is a strong advocate for driving change in the built environment. RETURN TO COURSES